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Established in 1981, Junket Productions Inc. (JPI) has consistently proven themselves a world renowned partner for both virtual and in-person press junkets across a vast array of entertainment spectrums. In our partnership with JPI, Story Stable played a crucial role in managing the high-volume post-production demands for over 80,000 promotional interview deliverables for platforms like Netflix, Paramount +, Apple TV, Disney +, HBO Max, Hulu and more. This work, while highly technical and process-driven, was essential in maintaining the momentum of these major promotional efforts, showcasing our ability to efficiently handle extensive post-production workloads in the fast-paced media industry.


Client: Netflix, Apple TV, Disney +, HBO Max, A24, Paramount +, Hulu, MGM, Amazon Prime Video, IFC Films

Agency: Junket Productions Inc.

Services Provided


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